THE FARM by Tom Rob Smith – A Short Review

This book should at least earn 3 stars out of five considering I had finished it in one day.  The author had got a talent to keep me going.

But other than that, what was like reading and finishing it…?  Yes, it’s a lot like eating a bowl of lucky charms cereal without a single lucky charm visible at the beginning.  I had been back and force from being excited to disappointed.  Being excited when thinking there must be a lot special lucky charms I should discover soon since so far I haven’t got any; being disappointed when keeping eating and still not finding any and starting to doubt if there is any lucky charm indeed…  Eventually a whole bowl had been eaten, and only a couple were found at the bottom.  I felt full and… full, just not as happy as I should’ve been if I’d found a lot of lucky charms.

So if that bowl of cereal is your breakfast, that is called healthy.  If that is a suspense fiction, that may be called plain.

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