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“I AM RUNNING OUT OF CANDIES” – A book that mixed a perfect portion of logic with creativeness and imagination.

“It is amazing how the random but surprisi3dmockngly beautiful sparks between a mother and a daughter were vividly captured in this inspiring however entertaining book.” – X. S. Zhang, Mathematician, Professor, Honorary President of Operations Research Society, Chinese Academy of Science

“The lovely poems and illustrations simply make me not be able to put this book down. I enjoy the little taste of philosophy it offered and the colorful imagination it painted. I am reading it again…” – Z. J. Jing, Mathematician, Professor in Dynamic Systems, Chinese Academy of Science

“What a fun book! It’s filled with the wonders of a child’s imagination, matched with illustrations that are equal parts whimsical and sweet. Flipping through it brings back memories of being a kid, all the colors, sounds, thoughts and absurd things that we held near and dear. Love the poems and art work. Highly recommended.” – Amazon Customer

“Sometimes thinking like a child would make routine life full of fun. Thanks the authors (mother and daughter) for sharing the true love in such a creative way. This book really opens my mind to communicate with my kids the ways we would both enjoy.” – Amazon Customer

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I am running out of candies by Winnie Marth

I am running out of candies

by Winnie Marth

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