The CATCHER in the RYE

What should I say? It is simply the best book I've read. I went through the similar confusing stage myself in college. The differences were first, I didn't talk and lie, I did what Holden imaged what he would do near the end of the book - acting like a deaf person so everyone stopped … Continue reading The CATCHER in the RYE

IT Movie Fan art competition

I just entered it... Though I think my cellphone tilted a little when talking the photo... The model was my left hand wearing a latex glove. #ITFanArtContest

An elephant and ants – A SHORT STORY PART II

Before the ants-eating-elephant tragedy happened, a lion who was a best friend of the elephants had borrowed some ants-helpers.  He told the ants he didn’t like their work.  Then when those ants thought the lion was sleeping but the lion actually wasn’t, they got together and bitten lion’s baby.  The lion saw it, sent the … Continue reading An elephant and ants – A SHORT STORY PART II

An elephant and ants – A SHORT STORY PART I

An elephant needed some helpers but didn’t want to take the chance that his status would be threatened.  So, he got a bunch of ants, thinking whenever he didn’t feel right he'd just stomp on them and kill them.  Then the ants got more ants, and more and more… Eventually, the ants ate the elephant. Names, … Continue reading An elephant and ants – A SHORT STORY PART I

Post-holiday Anxiety

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving; didn’t spend any money on anything that hasn’t been delivered yet but you already regretted buying...  I still remember my last Thanksgiving, spending almost every night the whole night during that week on a pathetic project.  I thought I made that project a huge success.  But I omitted the … Continue reading Post-holiday Anxiety