Post-holiday Anxiety

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving; didn’t spend any money on anything that hasn’t been delivered yet but you already regretted buying...  I still remember my last Thanksgiving, spending almost every night the whole night during that week on a pathetic project.  I thought I made that project a huge success.  But I omitted the … Continue reading Post-holiday Anxiety

Amazon Giveaway!!!

This blog is going to be really short!  See this #AmazonGiveaway... Love, Winnie Marth P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!!  Tomorrow I am fighting a turkey. 😀 NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends the earlier of Dec 9, 2016 11:59 PM PST, or when all prizes are claimed.

Don’t pick a good deed by looking at the label

When I had a regular paid job, my employer would put a lot of “giving trees” inside the office buildings when holiday approached.  On the trees, there were full of cards written on which were the holiday wishes from the people who really needed help.  Last year we got an old couple a gas card … Continue reading Don’t pick a good deed by looking at the label

Be our guests

Tomorrow I have to spend the whole day cleaning, for we are welcoming our first official honored guests this weekend, after three years we moved in!  There were guests, I mean.  But most of them knocked at the door unexpectedly.  After seeing the house, listening to us apologizing for it being too messy, they said … Continue reading Be our guests