Don’t pick a good deed by looking at the label

When I had a regular paid job, my employer would put a lot of “giving trees” inside the office buildings when holiday approached.  On the trees, there were full of cards written on which were the holiday wishes from the people who really needed help.  Last year we got an old couple a gas card so that the husband could gas up the car when taking his wife to the clinic.  We also got a playdough set for a little girl and a “finding Nemo” DVD for another girl.  Maybe there is really no selfless good need.  We felt our holiday cake had more sprinkles thinking of their smile when receiving the gifts.

But there were definitely many wishes were not fulfilled by being hung up on the tree.  Some asked for a Kindle Fire, and in particular color too.  Some asked for an iPad, an American girl doll, an Xbox…  Just when I thought the greedy would learn a lesson by getting nothing.  I suddenly realized, who was I kidding?  They were not the losers there.  They were just fearless gamblers.  They might already have a hundred playdough sets or all the DVDs they wanted.  So, getting a thing they don’t need is not better than getting nothing.  That’s why they’d rather try the 0.0001 possibilities to get something they truly wished for.  I only felt sorry for those nice people who put their names and wishes in the card then up on the tree just because they wanted to do a good deed for someone.  If it was me, and it was me who wanted to volunteer to do something nice, I would do something that I valued meaningful, not something labeled “meaningful”.

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