Where should I put it?

People say there is a difference between the books kids love and the books that the parents think their kids will love.  There are also sayings that you should target your audience when you write the book.  I know Shel Silberstein sure had a book that was said to only dedicated to the adults.  Not mentioning that gentleman (Edward Gorey) who murdered one child at a time when teaching each of the alphabets (hats off to the parents who loved it BTW).  So, where should I put “I am running out of candies”?

It was only a couple months ago when I started the book, but I couldn’t remember how I generated the idea of writing a poem book.  All I remember is that when I pitched the idea to Rosalea and encouraged her to write with me, she finished most of her poems and drawings in one day.

When I kept writing and finishing up the book, what I was thinking is having something both the kids and adults would think funny, but meanwhile from which the older guys like me can get more messages between the lines – the messages they can certainly pass on to the kids if there is any with them.

I know, again, people say when you try to become a writer, you need to choose a genre and focus on it.  But I just want to write what my heart tells me to, something I feel for it myself.  Now it is a poem book.  Later there may be a love story or a thriller.  Will that be something terrible?

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