The CATCHER in the RYE

What should I say? It is simply the best book I've read. I went through the similar confusing stage myself in college. The differences were first, I didn't talk and lie, I did what Holden imaged what he would do near the end of the book - acting like a deaf person so everyone stopped … Continue reading The CATCHER in the RYE

Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

The world is not full of angles or devils, but ordinary souls that are pushed by a minority of angles and devils and thus struggling in between. I didn’t have high expectation when I started this book.  More than a couple of decades ago, when people in China and people from other countries did not … Continue reading Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

THE FARM by Tom Rob Smith – A Short Review

This book should at least earn 3 stars out of five considering I had finished it in one day.  The author had got a talent to keep me going. But other than that, what was like reading and finishing it…?  Yes, it’s a lot like eating a bowl of lucky charms cereal without a single … Continue reading THE FARM by Tom Rob Smith – A Short Review

ON MY OWN by Diane Rehm

This is a very personal book.  Personal as the feeling expressed by the author was very genuine.  Personal also as when reading part of the narratives, you’d think: why any of this was my business. I like the book till the later part.  The repetitive expressing on how she missed her husband who died after … Continue reading ON MY OWN by Diane Rehm


I just read the book “Rings” by Kōji Suzuki. I was very looking forward to reading the book when I found it.  The movies that based on it (Ringu and Ringu II) have been my single worst nightmare since I watched them.  The book tells a quite different story.  The first 40 pages looked like … Continue reading Ringu

A Queer Dream

I used to have a weird experience.  It was a queer dream starting with me feeling being sucked into a deep and deeper space that looked the same as my bed room and I knew it was not.  I fell no matter how I resisted and then I heard voice, blowing into my ear, as … Continue reading A Queer Dream

These Ten Faces

“But there are three things in this world you can’t shrug off: death, taxes – and a girl who loves you.” I’ve read a great book – “TEN FACES OF CORNELL WOOLRICH”, and I love it.  Is it because of the language, or the way it’s being used?  Is it the stories, or how it’s … Continue reading These Ten Faces

“I thought the most beautiful thing in the world must be shadow…” – From “The Bell Jar”

Last year when we were in Annapolis, I exclaimed many times on the beautiful sights, “It’s the most stunning place I’ve ever seen!” While my husband nodded along without sincere agreement, just like what I did when we were in other enormous scenic places like all the national parks, when he’s busy in taking pictures … Continue reading “I thought the most beautiful thing in the world must be shadow…” – From “The Bell Jar”

Who Define the Unwell?

If you have to choose only one book from two (non-poetry, non-tech let’s say): one was written by an extraordinary focus, intelligent and logical person (think of Sherlock Holmes); the other was written by a notorious insane (think of Jack the ripper).  Which one will you choose? How many of you will be more curious … Continue reading Who Define the Unwell?

Fourteen One Two Eight

“Fourteen One Two Eight” was the words a brain tumor patient said to Dr. Kalanithi three times in “When Breath Becomes Air” before he could leave the room.  Dr. Kalanithi later died on Mar. 9, 15.  Exactly each of the numbers of Fourteen, Two, Eight but plus the second number: ONE.  Coincidence?  Prophecy?  Or gibberish … Continue reading Fourteen One Two Eight