A Queer Dream

I used to have a weird experience.  It was a queer dream starting with me feeling being sucked into a deep and deeper space that looked the same as my bed room and I knew it was not.  I fell no matter how I resisted and then I heard voice, blowing into my ear, as clear as the music I’d play with my iPhone by my bed.  Then I left my bed, walked into the hallway which turned into a black tunnel.  Then, a lady wearing a plain gown riding a horse had been flushing by.  I never saw any kind of that type of gown, however I felt I could just image my skin under the grown and the sensation that the material would give me.  I saw her face, pale, normal and serious.  Then shorter than a second, I was returning to my bed, struggling with the feeling of not being able to resist again…

As a person who dreams whenever I am asleep, I knew that was not just another dream.  It only happened once to me.  Days later it wanted to happen again.  But when I started to feel being sucked again, I heard myself saying in my mind “no…”.  Then the feeling just stopped.  Today when I was reading the book “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife” by Dr. Eben Alexander, I reminded myself of that queer dream.  Or course unlike Eben, who seemed to remember too many details of his subconscious environment, the memories of that particular dream, including the face of that woman, are fainting in my brain day by day, no matter how much I try to drag it to stay.  It’s only the dream’s uniqueness that sticks…

Most of the religions are based on the same facts, observations and phenomena that exist as long as, if not longer than, human being.  I have no doubt that these phenomena are true, especially based on some of the personal experience of myself, including the dream that was mentioned.  I just still bear an open mind to all the religions.  I think religions were dynamic concepts.  While science is, still, a dynamic concept.  That’s why possibly all the things we can’t explain with “science” now, are however covered by religions, can be explained one day by the new “science”.

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