These Ten Faces

“But there are three things in this world you can’t shrug off: death, taxes – and a girl who loves you.”

I’ve read a great book – “TEN FACES OF CORNELL WOOLRICH”, and I love it.  Is it because of the language, or the way it’s being used?  Is it the stories, or how it’s being told?  I can’t tell.  It just got under my skin.

Like in some of those worst dreams, you were staying close to watch, almost too close…  No matter who they were, where they were, what they were doing, you were always magically shifted to a spot under the shadow, close but safely distanced, and watched.  You knew it’s safe, for you, as you were aware that you were merely watching.  You knew you were safe because from somewhere in your consciousness, you always knew it was a dream.  However, from time to time, occasionally there was a feeling, and suddenly you became not that sure.  Because you worried that they would find you, look into your eyes.  Because you worried that the shadow that covered you would move away, anyway it was just a creation of your subconscious imagination.  Because most of the time in your dream, your body didn’t listen to you even when you’d yell at it: escape…

Unlike these worst dreams, that usually wouldn’t announce their arrival, these stories only manifest themselves when you are ready.  Well, believe me, that is much better.  You’ll love the feeling when you are ready, and when you are watching, and when everything comes to an end.


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