Post-holiday Anxiety

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving; didn’t spend any money on anything that hasn’t been delivered yet but you already regretted buying…  I still remember my last Thanksgiving, spending almost every night the whole night during that week on a pathetic project.  I thought I made that project a huge success.  But I omitted the fact that when you were employed to do things for others, sometimes some peculiar persons didn’t want you to bring to much success.

Needless to say, I enjoyed this year’s Thanksgiving so much more.  The house is clean, at the peak of the cleanness since we moved in. We had a great get-together with our best friends.  But why I feel sort of empty and lost when the house is clean.  I can even hear the echo – my own words bouncing back right at me.  I’ve been having dreams of not getting my doctoral degree.  Last night in my dream I was told that I was being kicked out of high school…  Please tell me this is the route worth continuing and my patience.

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