The 26th day

Today is the 26th day since our book went online.  I am not afraid to say – the sales have significantly gone down since the price went up (from $0 to $0.99).  And I thought that sliding a small flyer into a bag of candies and giving them out on Halloween was a great idea!

Later I heard from an online marketing class that having a book launch party is a really bad idea.  Because people would just come for the free food and leave without buying your book.  I told Rosalea about that.  Then she said, so let’s still have a launch party, and just have people bring them their own food!

I started to learn that marketing the books can easily be a full-time job.  So I sighed and asked my husband, “can I just forget about marketing for a while and purely focus on writing for one or two years…?”

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