Who Define the Unwell?

If you have to choose only one book from two (non-poetry, non-tech let’s say): one was written by an extraordinary focus, intelligent and logical person (think of Sherlock Holmes); the other was written by a notorious insane (think of Jack the ripper).  Which one will you choose?

How many of you will be more curious about the second one?

A lot of beautiful poems came from mentally troubled people.  Was that because, like we always think, insane people think differently?  Or there is another explanation?  I think I may be able to write those kinds of poems.  If I want to.  If anyone wants to, he or she should aim to achieve some chaos.  That means, when you sit down to write, do not try to gather your thoughts and get them organized.  But instead, have them disordered and scattered, or even deconstructed.  Maybe not one’s own thoughts only, but the whole person.

As a higher animal who has been trained to be logical and sound since born, you try that and see how long before it totally drains your sanity.

So, those writings always come from a natural unwell or sometimes define an unwell?

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